Can you get the ventilators in my country?

We will do our best to help. The main question is whether you intend to design/manufacture ventilators or whether you are looking for units to purchase. In both case, first make sure that CoroVent is right for your application, so consultation with clinicians is essential (refer to the “Medical application” page). Once you believe in the fit, contact us.

How will you ensure training for the medical personnel for this new device?

We are using user interface, connections etc. that are functionally and where possible visually and audibly identical with the standards the doctors and nurses are familiar with, reducing the need for specialized training. We are working intensely with a large group of medical professionals on preparing the training program, also exploring remote data collection etc.

How about regulations, certifications…

Clearly, with this speed of development there is no way we can obtain all the usual certifications. However, we are testing rigorously in specially equipped labs, and working with governments and regulatory authorities on the necessary exceptions for emergency use. Thanks to the expertise of the team involved, who are intimately familiar with the design requirements for this type of medical devices, we can ensure that compliance with the essential regulations is built into the design from the start. So far the best set of recommendations was published by the UK, and our design will conform to those 100%. The expectations in the Czech Republic is that we will receive a temporary certification permitting the use of the devices during the crisis.