Ventilator Design

CoroVent is a Pressure Adjusted, Volume Controlled ventilator. Currently it supports one ventilation mode, for patients in severe ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome), without significant spontaneous breathing activity. Its main task is the life support of such patients while ventilators with full functionality can be used for weaning of the patients and for other stages of their care. The design requirements as set out are (in no particular order):

  • Use of generally (and globally) available, or easy-to-manufacture parts (100s available in the CZ within a matter of a week as we are planning for that level of manufacturing volumes), and we are designing for global availability
  • Compatibility with hospital systems and consumable materials (masks, filters, connection to air and oxygen distribution, etc.)
  • Compliance with all essential safety requirements (from safe oxygen handling to, of course, protection of the patient, but also splash down requirements and resistance to expected handling in the hospital or emergency environment)
  • User interface familiar to the staff to minimize training requirements
  • Focus on functionality required specifically for COVID-19 treatment (not trying to build a “universal” ventilator)
  • Simple assembly in order to reduce need for specialized training for workers
  • Potential independence on hospital systems (ability to run on pressured air and oxygen cylinders, as Italy experienced failures of the hospital systems due to overloads (freezing of the oxygen distribution components for example)

During the design process, new information, such as the UK released instructions were taken into consideration. We are in touch with Czech regulatory authorities and the government in order to approve the use of the device under emergency rules when available. The device will fully comply with EU Commision Recommendation.